This is a puzzle box I made after seeing it on youtube. The creator is Benno Baatsen and he has a number of puzzle boxes which you can purchase plans for off his website. This one, however, is his free plan and I decided to give it a go. The box works by maneuvering a ball through a maze and into the latch position. once it is in the latch position the latch will move and unlock the box. It is pretty hard to visualize this since there are no clues on the box. Even though the box is relatively easy to make, I have around 50-70 hours invested in this box since I built it a little differently. I figured the weakest link of this box was the latch mechanism. The plan calls for 4mm plywood and this little latch looks very weak and could easily break if a user applied sufficient force to the top to slide it open. I decided to replace this latch mechanism with steel and if you watch through the video you can see how I did that and put this box together.

Benno Baatsen’s website:

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